Best Off-Road Accessories for Your Ride

The Aftermarket Essentials

Get ready for an unforgettable off-road experience. Compare the best off-road accessories for your truck or Jeep and find out where you can go to prepare your vehicle for off-road adventures. Don’t let a rough road or wilderness area prevent you from enjoying an unforgettable ride in your favorite vehicle.

Lift Kits

One of the most important accessories to invest in is a lift kit. A lift kit gives your ride more clearance to avoid large rocks, bottoming out in a mud pit or other off-road hazards. Depending on the lift kit you choose, you may have to upgrade your wheels and suspension system.

Consider your route before you choose a lift kit. Some kits offer a small amount of lift to prevent bottoming out, while others are extreme and used in bouldering. A high lift kit requires other accessories and reduces your fuel economy, so it’s important to balance your needs and find the ideal kit.

Tires and Wheels

Off-road tires give you aggressive treads designed specifically for rugged terrain. Invest in general all-terrain tires or choose more specialized sand tires or hard terrain tires. Road-ready tires don’t give you the same traction and protection from sharp rocks and other difficulties you may face off-roading.

New rims can change up your wheel size. Ask a professional about your options for taller or wider rims and tires. These features can affect your traction, stability, and other off-road abilities as you navigate muddy, sandy, or rocky terrain.


When you take on a particularly difficult off-road course, there’s always a chance that you may get caught in the mud or slide off into a ditch. Don’t let your vehicle get stuck in difficult terrain, but upgrade your ride with a powerful winch. A winch allows you to pull yourself or your friend out of a difficult spot and get back on safe, solid ground.

Gear Up With Your Local Off-Road Shop

Your premier off-road accessories provider in the Southwest is The Lift Shop. Schedule a service today for professional lift kit installation and other services. Our Phoenix, Arizona location can customize your truck and give you the full-service off-road upgrade you need to take on any unmarked trail.

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