How to Find the Right Custom Wheels

Five Steps

Choosing custom wheels is about more than finding something that looks good. The experts at The Lift Shop in Phoenix, Arizona have a few tips to help you prepare for the selection process!

Wheels v. Rims

Rims are just part of the full wheel. They are the outermost circular part close to the tire and create an airtight seal. When you’re searching for customization options, decide whether you want an entirely new wheel or pieces as part of a multi-piece assembly.

Your Fitment

Not all wheels and tires are the same size. When selecting a new set, be sure to know which diameter sizes, width, and aspect measurements will properly fit your vehicle. If you need help finding packages that will work, ask our experts for assistance!

Offset and Backspacing

When you put new wheels on your car, you want to make sure they fit with enough room in the wheel well for turning and braking. You don’t want new parts to interfere with braking or suspension, which could be unstable or bad for the vehicle.

Your Goals

Do you want a different look — something sporty? Want wheels that provide better performance, acceleration, and cornering? Maybe you want wheels that will give a smooth ride. These are all things that will guide you through the selection process. It’s also good to consider whether or not you want your wheels to last year-round, as some wheel finishes won’t last in certain climates. Determine your goals for your new wheels and an expert can recommend a good fit.

Bolt Patterns

You might think that you’ve finally found the best wheels for your ride, but then the bolt pattern doesn’t line up. The new wheels you select need to have the right lug holes to be compatible with your vehicle, so that they line up with the studs on the suspension.

These are just a few considerations you’ll need to make when selecting new tires, but don’t let them overwhelm you! The Lift Shop in Phoenix, Arizona has helped many drivers find the new wheels and tires of their dreams. Whether you are looking for something that changes the vibe of your car’s appearance or the way it performs on the road, our team can help! We can’t wait to get started!

Written by The Lift Shop

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