Off Road Bumpers in Phoenix, AZ

A Bumper For All Seasons

When it comes to off-roading, the sky's the limit to how far you can modify your vehicle. One area in particular, and popularly, to focus on is the bumpers. You may think with other modifications like a grille guard, lifted suspension, and bigger tires, there shouldn't be a need to change the bumper. But a custom bumper could change the very way you off-road! The Lift Shop in North Phoenix is one of the most advanced shops for vehicle customizations and accessories in the great state of Arizona. We're staffed by a team of Procomp certified technicians with many years of experience. We've covered every type of bumper modification out there. To that end, we like to share with you why you should ditch the stock bumpers. We'll tell you what bumper options are there that keep your vehicle street legal.

Why Modify?

In the most basic sense, the stock bumper on your Jeep or truck simply cannot take the repeated abuse of off-road driving. Even though they're designed to be tougher given the nature of the vehicle, they can't take impact after impact while you're on an adventure. One example is with misjudging an obstacle. Off-road bumpers can shed off the insult, while a standard bumper may crumple and allow damage to the radiator. A big advantage to off-road bumpers is they're bolted right on to the vehicle's frame. This means you'll be able to fix recovery straps to the bumper to help you get out of a sticky situation. A standard bumper may come off or be completely destroyed during the same operation.

What Are My Options?

When it comes to outfitting your vehicle with off-road bumpers, there are many options to consider. Depending on whether you want an aggressive look, or something better looking, it all boils down to how it will function with your vehicle. One of the more popular bumpers in use today is the Tubular Bumper. Made from light-weight tubular steel, these bumpers protect against obstacles in your path. Their modular design means they can come in different variants. Another popular option is the grille and brush guard bumpers. Both provide great protection for the radiator, fenders, and headlights. Bumpers like the Stubby type give your vehicle protection and better tire clearance. With a very aggressive look, it works best for vehicles with a lift kit. Finally, there are Stinger bumpers. Like the name suggests, the Stinger bumper protrudes outward to prevent front-end rollovers and stabilize the vehicle when it starts tipping forward.

How To Keep It Street Legal

For a custom or modified bumper to be of any use for you, it needs to abide by a certain set of rules outlined by the DOT. As a general rule, a bumper cannot block any of your forward lights, like the headlamps and turn signals. There are also questions of length and height. Because there is no standard for either, modified bumpers may be legal in one state and illegal in another. To this end, you should consult with our experts to make sure your bumper is legal. We'll make sure that you should have no problems finding a legal bumper that suits your needs.

To properly drive off-road is an experience unlike any other. Making sure your vehicle has the right bumper to punch through any obstacle is paramount to your safety and the vehicle's longevity. If you have any questions at all about bumpers and off-road prep, give us a call at (480) 777-7700. We're located at 1911 E Bell Road in Phoenix, AZ. We look forward to setting you on your adventure soon!