Understanding the “Custom” in Custom Wheels

It’s More Than Just Looks

When people hear about custom wheels, they usually think of the spinning and glowing rims that are shown in movies. Although those are actual options, today’s technology has allowed custom wheels to be more than just visual showpieces. Today’s custom wheels allow drivers to gain significant benefits while on the road. From smoothing out a ride or getting better acceleration, custom wheels gives drivers the opportunity to improve their driving experience and their vehicle’s visual appearance.

Are you thinking about getting custom wheels? If so, here are a couple things you need to keep in mind.

Proper Fitting

When looking for a custom wheel, you must first determine the width and diameter required for your vehicle. This will be unique to your vehicle, so make sure you take the time to accurately determine the measurements! All vehicles have a specific range their wheels will fall within. To determine your vehicle’s exact range, please reference your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guide or talk to your local dealership!

Wheel Size

After determining the ratios, you’ll want to look for the proper wheel size. Two things to keep in mind is the plus sizing and the bolt pattern. Plus Sizing is just increasing the wheel diameter. Along with that, you’ll have Plus 1 Sizing, which increases the diameter by an inch. You also have the option for Minus Size and Minus 2 Size, which is just reducing the diameter, but with Minus 2 Sizing you’ll reduce the wheel diameter by two inches. As for bolt pattern, this determines how many lug holes are on your wheels. This is important, as your vehicle may have a different bolt pattern than the wheel you’re purchasing. Make sure you talk to one of our service experts to ensure you pick the wheel that has the proper bolt pattern for your vehicle!

Personal Goals

While looking for the proper wheel size, make sure you understand why you want to get a custom wheel. Are you after a specific look? Do you want improved performance? Easier maintenance? Or a combination of all three? Regardless of what your motivations are, make sure you keep in mind of your own personal goals!

For a more detailed look into how you can select the best custom wheels for your vehicle, check out Les Schwab’s detailed breakdown!

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